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Equipment Performance Management

Improve equipment performance through OEE & OPE Measurement and AEP Setup Reduction


General Description

OEE stands for Overall Equipment Effectiveness. It is one of the best practice measurements for equipment performance in World Class Manufacturing.

OEE is now one of the key ways for equipment based manufacturing to bring equipment up to standard by identifying equipment losses and production losses. Often, these are some of the important reasons why many companies are not able to achieve target performance, resulting in losses which can run into millions of dollars in financial terms.

Companies using OEE to monitor equipment performance can help shopfloor management pay continuous attention to keep equipment and production losses in line with planned capacity to boost profitable operations.

Attending this course will also help companies to design their own OEE Reporting System at a very low entry cost without any more consultancy requirements as the instructor is a world class expert on the subject. The highlight of this training is How To Conduct AEP Motion Kaizen Study Of The Set-Up to reduce Equipment and Production Losses.

Detailed Description

Course Objectives
The Objectives of the 2-day training is to transfer Equipment Loss Measurement know-how through the following application based activities:
– What Is OEE And How It Should Be Interpreted To Understand Loss And Performance Of Equipment
– How To Establish The Baseline For OEE Reporting System
– The Flow Loss Structure: Internal Flow Loss & External Flow Loss
– Applying OEE & OPE To Report on Workflow Loss From Equipment And From Production Activities
– How To Use OEE & OPE To Drive Equipment Improvement Activity & Lean Improvement Activity
– What Is Manufacturing System Flow Loss
– How To Measure OPE – Overall Production Effectiveness
– Learn The Method For Advancing Setup Reduction
– Learn The A-E-P Methodology
– Learn The Motion Waste Elimination
– Learn To Conduct Production Study
– Learn How To Set New Set-up Time Target

Course Contents

1. What Is The Purpose & Application Of OEE

2. Establishing The Baseline For OEE Calculation

3. Establishing The Loss Time Of Production & OPE (Overall Production Effectiveness)

4. Flow Loss Analysis Of Production


5. How To Advance Shopfloor Conditions For Set-up Reduction

6. The Set-up Reduction Methodology

7. How To Conduct A Setup Production Study For Waste Elimination

8. Set-up Reduction Study Practice

Information on Enrollment

This training is suitable for managers, engineers, supervisors and analysts who are involved in designing, measuring and tracking the operational performance of manufacturing and service operations.