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Total Productive Maintenance


General Description

Total Productive Maintenance for transforming the workplace and equipment conditions to stabilize the process.

Detailed Description

TPM stands for Total Productive Maintenance. As the term implies, it is program of change to bring condition improvements to equipment, people and workplace. It does this through practices that are embraced as a way of life to develop the human resources of the enterprise as well as to build a robust and reliable equipment / plant operation. TPM strives for optimal condition toward zero losses and zero defects Properly implemented, TPM will eventually spread its wing to cover all areas of manufacturing enterprise. The strength of TPM is derived primarily from its organized step-by-step developmental and improvement approach in measurable increments In this workshop, the participants will learn many new terms and concepts of implementing TPM programs that are either not understood well or even known to the so-called TPM experts.

Information on Enrollment

This course addresses the full implementation steps of TPM and will be suitable for TPM team, managers, engineers, supervisors and facilitators who must know how to coordinate the implementation of TPM activities on the shopfloor.