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5S: Five Steps to Shaping Up the Shop Floor



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An introduction to the 5S Program of total plant maintenance. These videos demonstrate methods and show practical examples from real work sites.

3 Volumes: Each video c.30min.

[Volume 1]
Overview: Steps to success
A general introduction to the 5S Program, explaining why it is needed, how it can be implemented, and what kind of results are possible.

Step 1 – Clearing Up: What can we get rid of? The first step deals with the elimination of unnecessary items. The video explains two vital techniques.

[Volume 2]
Step 2 – Organizing: Functional storage
Step 2 involves the establishment of an effective layout for tools and equipment in order to improve efficiency, quality, and safety. The video demonstrates the essential elements of the process: situation; analysis of storage allocation; and sticking to the rules.

Step 3 – Cleaning: Creating a spotless workplace
This step stresses the importance of constant checking and constant care by demonstrating the different phases of workplace cleaning. It also explains the procedure for preventing defects and checking all equipment known as “Equipment 5S.”

[Volume 3]
Step 4 – Standardizing: Maintaining a good environment
The fourth step involves a system to maintain the results achieved by constant application of the preceding steps. The video explains how malfunctions can be revealed through proper visual control and how observation techniques can be improved.

Step 5 – Training & Discipline: Following the rules
The final step concerns methods for developing 5S habits of efficiency and safety, and introduces ways to ensure that they are maintained.


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