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5S for the Office



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Faster, better, easier, cost-effective! The techniques of 5S can be as successful in upgrading efficiency and morale in an office environment as on the production line.

3 Volumes: Each video c.25mins.

[1] Upgrading Efficiency
The basic ideas of 5S are very simple, but they can make a tremendous difference when applied systematically. In the first volume we introduce the seven-stage action program for implementing 5S, and look at some concrete examples of how the program works.

[2] Organization & Communication
Volume 2 deals with the problems of organization, procedures, and interpersonal communications, which we refer to as Soft 5S. Here we see how Soft 5S can be applied to customer relations, training, product development, and even administrative departments.

[3] Equipment & Environment
Here we look at the problems concerning the physical environment, including office furniture, equipment, and general layout. Actual examples clearly illustrate the factors involved in applying Hard 5S:categorizing, setting of standards, numbering and labeling, and careful monitoring.


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