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Basic Six Sigma Skills



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In order for organizations to realize the potential benefits of Six Sigma, project team members must have, at a minimum, a solid understanding of the methodology – its objectives, potential benefits, roles and common tools. This program is a practical, efficient way to build employees basic skills in Six Sigma. With it, they can be effective contributors to Six Sigma projects, and to any other types of improvement efforts.

Target Audience
Any employee who will participate as a member of a Six Sigma project team, as well as any individual who simply wishes to learn more about the methodology.

What’s Covered
Unit 1: Overview of Six Sigma
Unit 2: Project Phases
Unit 3: Basic Tools

Complete set includes:
??? 2 Videotapes
??? 1 Instructor’s Guide
??? 1 Set of Transparencies
??? 1 Participant’s Guide
??? 1 Album


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