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Blueprint Reading: Reading Engineering Drawings



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Blueprint Reading develops workers’ abilities to visualize a part from its drawing through a variety of media. Clean, computer-generated animation techniques maximize the instructional value of the videotapes. Numerous exercises build learners’ application skills. And detailed guidelines for customizing the materials transfer learning to the production floor.

The program is based on ANSI standards and incorporates input from a broad industrial cross-section.

Who gains the most from this training?
The primary audience is production and inspection personnel, supervisors, group leaders, and set-up personnel. It’s also valuable for any others who need or wish to read engineering drawings. Average training time ranges from 18 to 20 hours.

Six units cover:
* Introduction to Engineering Drawings
* Multiview Drawings
* Sectional Views
* Dimensions and Tolerances, Part One
* Dimensions and Tolerances, Part Two
* Part Feature Specifications

Complete Set Includes:
– 6 videotapes
– 1 instructor’s guide
– 1 set of transparencies
– 2 model parts and drawings
– 1 application guide
– 1 diagnostic test
– 1 job aid
– 3 albums


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