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Focused Equipment Improvement for TPM Teams Learning Package



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Focused equipment improvement provides long-term equipment reliability. While autonomous maintenance and planned maintenance can eliminate sporadic losses, it is not until you per-form focused equipment improvement that you can attain ongoing equipment reliability and eventually zero losses. This learning package will help your teams develop the techniques and skills to: ” Think systematically through a technique called P-M Analysis. ” Collect, organize, analyze, and display data effectively. ” Learn from every breakdown and restore equipment to its proper state by dealing with all abnormalities at once. ” Eliminate minor stoppages before they lead to longer delays. ” Set up machines for the next product so that they produce defect-free parts with the first item. ” Reduce speed losses that slowly drain your production capability. ” Use equipment design to reduce rejects and defects. This Learning Package includes: ??? Leader’s Guide ??? 1 copy of the book Practical TPM by James Leflar ??? 5 copies of the Shopfloor Series book Focused Equipment Improvement for TPM Teams Additional presentation materials on CD


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