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Just-in-Time for Operators Learning Package



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Are you ready to implement Just-in-Time, but unsure how to teach your operators about the power of JIT? To assist you in this effort, we’ve developed the Just-In-Time for Operators Learning Package which introduces equipment operators, assembly workers, and other frontline employees to basic ill concepts and techniques. Think of it as an orienta-tion to prepare your employees for ill before you launch the actual implementation program. Giving operators the necessary education enables them to participate and share their experience and ideas more effectively. The Just-In-l7me for Operators Learning Package is the complete kit to help team members learn about ill principles and implementation. It introduces the basic JIT concepts and techniques in an easily accessible curriculum that encourages discussion and fosters greater understanding about this power-ful concept. The Just-In-Time for Operators Learning Package is an excellent, cost-effective way to intro-duce your team to uT and will be an invaluable resource on your lean journey. This Learning Package Includes: ??? Leader’s Guide ??? 5 copies of Just-in-Time for Operators ??? 1 copy of the classic book Kanban and Just-in-Time at Toyota Additional presentation materials on CD


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