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Leadership on the Shop Floor: The Foreman’s Role



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The perfect instruction program for upgrading the performance of anyone at the foreman’s level. Includes concrete ideas about developing potential and generally energizing the organization.

3 Volumes: Each video c.30mins.

[1] Creating a Team
Every foreman plays a vital role in the company because he or she is charged with leading a production team. The foreman’s job is to achieve all the aims of his team while keeping a careful watch on product quality, cost, date of delivery, safety, and also human relationships. This volume explains the foreman’s role as “a pivot of the organization” and introduces many ideas and practical methods for ensuring the foreman gets complete cooperation from every member of the team.

[2] Developing the Team’s Potential
Essential Points for Training the Team
A major role of every foreman, besides being an effective leader, is to ensure that the potential of every member of the team is recognized and developed. This involves careful instruction and guidance according to each person’s position, personality, and ability. This volume presents many ideas and practical techniques for encouraging enthusiasm, developing potential, and evaluating progress.

[3] The Team Reflects Its Leader
Checkpoints to Activate the Workplace
The workplace is a mirror reflecting the foreman. Everyone watches the foreman’s actions very closely, and responds according to his character and ability. This means that the foreman must be very self-critical to ensure he can encourage enthusiasm in the team. This volume presents ideas and practical techniques to increase the foreman’s personal magnetism and checkpoints for ensuring that the workplace has an environment conducive to efficiency and enthusiasm.


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