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Mastering the Tools of QC



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These seven tools are the keys to effective QC. Halime Karatsu shows how you, too, can become an expert problem-solver.

3 Volumes: Each video c.25mins.

[1] Pareto Diagrams & Cause-and-Effect Diagrams
Discovering the Root of the Problem
The first step in any QC activity is to get everyone involved in the search for the root causes of problems. In Volume I the effective individual use of cause-and-effect diagrams and Pareto diagrams is introduced. These are two basic tools of QC: in fact, the person who masters their use can be regarded as an expert problem-solver.

[2] Check Sheets and Histograms
Investigating Fluctuations in Quality
Accurate and objective data are an essential base for QC methods. All improvement and management decisions should be based on such data. In Volume 2, data handling is carefully examined using check sheets and histograms.

[3] Correlation Charts & Control Charts
Maintaining Improvements
A vital part of any operation is to maintain the results of improvements already made so as to have a solid base for making further progress. The use of correlation charts and control charts is explained in Volume 3. The mastering and application of all the QC methods introduced in these videos will greatly increase everyone’s ability in the important tasks of management and quality improvement while encouraging enthusiasm and job satisfaction at the same time.


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