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Pull Production for the Shopfloor



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In a pull production system the upstream supplier produces nothing until the downstream customer signals a need. This enables the shop floor employees to avoid accumulating large work-in-process inventories, thus allowing production with shortened lead times and reduced expenses and without preset schedules.

Pull Production for the Shopfloor is designed for operators, supervisors and plant managers who want to gain basic knowledge that can be used to understand, plan and begin implementing this lean tool. Plant managers will gain valuable knowledge to help them promote and support their pull implementation efforts to higher management.

You will learn about:
– Key concepts and tools of pull production
– The Five Steps to implementing a pull production system
– Small-lot, wide variety production
– Team-based improvement activities
– The Value Stream – What is flow production?
– Production leveling
– Kaizen events
– Line balancing
– Quality Systems
– Managing pull production with Kanban
– One-piece flow
– Linking your suppliers to your pull production system


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