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APRC was established in 1987 to provide industry with the best-in-class productivity measurement, operational management methods and quality systems training. It has taken the lead since 1987 to provide technical know-how to thousands of professionals all over the Asia-Pacific region.

APRC’s success was brought about by the contribution of many industries and top celebrities in their field: Dr. Fred Evan, Alan D. Brown, Edward Hartmann, Tom King, Robert Reid, Andru Peters, Robert Rylander, Terry Wireman, Davis Bothe, Dr. Eden Chen, Dr. Dean Stamatis, Andy Sleeper, Peter Knobloch, Tack Hammer, Dr. Mark Goldstein, Donald Nyman, Donald Buchman, Glen Hoffnerr, Raymond Olley, Robert Freck, George Rosenzweig.

Today APRC is a business partner with Accenture LLP (USA) in the certified training and consulting of the MOST® Work Measurement System in Asia. Over the years, since 1988, it has trained and certified several thousands manufacturing personnel in the certification and application of the MTM and MOST® Techniques to industry. APRC is also one of the very few centres in the world that is fully capable of conducting certified training in MTM Systems, namely, MTM-1. MTM-2, MTM-3, MTM-Core Data, MTM Advanced Practitioners. It is recognized by the UK MTM Association and International MTM Directorate to conduct training and invigilate the conduct of MTM examination that are conducted world-wide.Because of our World-Class Expertise in Lean, TPM, Six Sigma, Manufacturing know-how, Work Measurement and Cycle Time Engineering. APRC is able to deliver value-added know-how in the field of application implementation and consultancy for industry.

Uniqueness Of Our Application-based Training

All who participated and trained in APRC training class are exposed not only to the best knowledge-based know-how in theory and application of the techniques, participants also learn how these techniques are to be applied in industry for:

  • Jigs, Fixtures and Tooling Design
  • Product Geometry Design
  • Assembly Method Design
  • Workplace Layout Design
  • Machine Cycle Time Configuration for Multi-cavity Design
  • Man-machine Manning Ratio
  • Establishment of Standard Cost
  • Profit Contribution Analysis
  • Work Station Cycle Time Standard
  • Efficiency Measurement of Process Cycle Time Analysis
  • New Product Process Production Line Design
  • Existing & New Product Standard Cost
  • Production Capacity Analysis
  • Manpower Planning Model
  • Capital Equipment Requirement
  • Supply Chain Cost Reduction
  • Set-up Time Reduction
  • Multi-operation Job Design
  • Operator Performance Measurement
  • Equipment Performance Measurement
  • Assembly Methods Design
  • Packing Methods Work Standard
  • Standard Data Development for Planning & Costing Estimation
  • Production Performance Audit
  • Training of Operator
  • Selection of Skillful Operators

In other words, APRC certified training in MTM, MOST® and Direct BS Work Measurement is designed to equip the participants with application know-how to be used together with the cycle time data-gathering methodology to engineer operational process data. Participants will be proficiently equipped to work on the knowledge-based application in their companies to make change to reduce overall operating cost.