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Certified Lean Training & Consultancy

Training and Consultancy In Lean Implementation

APRC offers training to organizations interested in acquiring Lean Implementation knowhow for growing their own in-house expertise. We offer training in Lean Implementation at 3 levels to cater to the needs of different organizations:

1) Certified Lean Specialist
Designed for shopfloor and operational executives who take the lead to implement the Lean System at operational level.

2) Certified Lean Expert
Designed for analysts, engineers and managers who are involved in detailed study and design of the Lean system.

3) Certified Lean Master
Designed for those who have already grasped the fundamentals of the Lean Implementation system and those who need to think ahead about the next steps to achieve Lean organization success.


APRC Training and Consultancy Covers Lean Implementation in Many Types of Workflow

Lean Implementation for Continuous Workflow in the right quantity unit size is the key to management of Rapid Response in all workflow processes. APRC trainers and consultant are familiar with:

a) Lean in Assembly
b) Lean in Manufacturing
c) Lean in Store, Fabrication, Sub-Assembly, Final Assembly, Shipping departments
d) Lean in Distribution Centre and Store operations
e) Lean in Healthcare
f) Lean in Hyper Market
g) Lean in Bulk Process Plants


Lean in Today’s Context

Today, organizations that are not practising Lean experience low bottom line profits and high costs due to inefficiencies in man-machine operations, manpower resource planning and resource allocation. This makes it difficult to achieve profit targets.

In manufacturing, increasing cost of operations is tantamount to losing to competition and the manufacturing facility is likely to fail.


APRC can Implement Lean Workflow in Many Industries

APRC works in partnership with Accenture of USA in the distribution of its best-in-class Lean Work Measurement System. Lean is all about implementing continuous workflow for Cycle Time Reduction. The ability to use best-in-class work measurement tools to measure and configure Cycle Time from process to process is one of the most critical skill set that a Lean Expert should know.

It is this ability and capability of APRC consultants that provides the critical edge in applying the Cycle Time Measurement tool to achieve the following:

a) Develop work station Cycle Time
b) Balance the workflow for loss reduction
c) Increase the process efficiency
d) Redesign the job contents
e) Allocation of manpower to processes
f) Determining the number of machines per workman operation
g) High capacity management
h) Equipment performance management
i) Operational method improvement
j) Workplace layout redesign
k) Process layout for smooth continuous flow
l) Workflow quantity unit per pack
m) Constraining resource identification
n) Manpower deployment planning model



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