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TRIZ Innovation

For product, equipment and process redesign


General Description

TRIZ stands for Theory of Inventive Problem Solving. It was developed by Genrich Altshuller of Russia and made popular in the West in the 80s. However, few engineers and managers today know how to apply the creative principles of TRIZ in a practical way for day-to-day problem solving. This course seeks to overcome the learners’ difficulty in applying the TRIZ approach.

The Objectives:
1. Train the participants to use innovative ways to solve technical design and operational problems quickly.
2. Use TRIZ methodology to develop robust solution for many system conflicts of a technical system.
3. Provide a search methodology to identify system resource or physical causes of interacting elements of a system.
4. Know how to resolve system conflicts by intensification technique.
5. Know how to define many levels of a technical system for developing approaches to problem solving.

Detailed Description

1. TRIZ System of Innovation and General System of Application
2. Basic structure of TRIZ Problem Solving
3. Altshuller’s Contradiction Matrix and application of the 40 Principles
4. Substance Field Modelling
5. Action Zone Modelling In Space, Time and Conditioning
6. System of Conflicts Modeling and Application
7. Physical Contradiction Modeling Methods and Applications
8. General Separation Principles and Their Application in Problem Solving
9. Substance Field Resource Search and X-Resource Search
10. Ideal Final Results for Evaluation of Solutions

Information on Enrollment

Interested parties can pre-register and a date will be fixed once a sufficient level of registration is obtained. There are no fee payment obligations for pre-registration. Fees will only be collected when the course is confirmed. Course fees have been specially lowered in support of the Skills Future Scheme.

This course has been conducted previously for many multinational clients such as Pepsi-Cola, Infineon, and Tesa, as well as institutional clients such as lecturers from Ngee Ann Polytechnic and Republic Polytechnic.

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