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5S Implementation

For Workplace Transformation


General Description

This training course will impart real 5S Best Practice in step-by-step approach to ensure every step is thoroughly covered to advance the 5S Phases of Implementation. This course can be conducted in-house for organizations with sufficient participants. Interested individuals or organizations with insufficient participants can sign up for the publicly conducted course.

Detailed Description

5S Implementation for Workplace Transformation is designed to deliver the key aspects of 5S Principles, Implementation Activities as well as the techniques associated with:

a) 5S Principles & Application
b) 5S Implementation Activities
c) 5S Examples
d) 5S For Production
e) 5S For Office
f) 5S Forms
g) 5S Documentation
h) 5S Standard
i) 5S In-Plant Observation
j) 5S Audit

It is a Practitioner Training Course to impart vital knowledge on how to Plan, Implement, Manage and Audit the 5S Cultural Change in a 5-Phase Planned Implementation process that can be completed in 12 months.

The key to APRC’s 5S implementation is the ability of the instructor to relate:

a. Principles of Motion Economy

b. Methods Engineering Design Principles

to actual design of work tool holders, tool design and tool handling methods, container and work fixture design.

The instructor not only provides basic principles of 5S but will also be able to explain in detail the proper methods of part pickup and placement as well as cycle time reduction.

Information on Enrollment

If you are interested in attending this training, please send us a Pre-Registration Request. We will inform you of the actual scheduled date once the right class size has been assembled. No payment is involved during pre-registration. Payment is only required upon confirmation of the training.

If your organization requires in-house training, please send us a request for training quotation.