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8D Problem Solving


General Description

8D Innovation training is based on the Ford Model of 8 Disciplines, which was originally designed for application in the automotive industry. In 8D Innovation, the principle of each discipline is maintained while additional related disciplines are included as follows:

1. Team Approach to Problem Solving
2. Problem Characterization and Definition
3. Containment and Verification of the Fix
4. Conduct Root Cause Analysis
5. Develop Permanent Corrective Action (PCA)
6. Implement and Validate the PCA
7. Prevent Recurrence
8. Problem Closure and Contribution Recognition

The Team Formation Discipline and Problem Closure Discipline are assigned to the Administrative part of the 8D problem solving process. This way, 8D Innovation will provide more focus toward effective problem solving by including Problem Characterization, Problem Formulation, Problem Definition, Containment and Verification of the Fix, which are essential for directing the search in the right direction. Root Cause Analysis and Solution Search for developing permanent corrective action adds further enhancement value to the conventional approach.

The training includes practice session for each 8D Innovation discipline as well as discussion and instructor’s involvement in making suggestions for corrections during the presentation of the practical sessions. The training includes a 8D Document that needs to be completed as the session progresses. This 8D Document can be customized to include special attachments depending on the depth of the data collection required.

Information on Enrollment

If you are interested in attending this training, please send us a Pre-Registration Request. We will inform you of the actual scheduled date once the right class size has been assembled. No payment is involved during pre-registration. Payment is only required upon confirmation of the training.

If your organization requires in-house training, please send us a request for training quotation.