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Accelerated MTM-1

Effective method engineering solutions for the workplace


General Description

Accelerated MTM-1 is the accelerated version of MTM-1 training for industrial engineers, process engineers and manufacturing engineers to design and improve the workplace. The emphasis is placed on the methods engineering application of MTM-1. This provides the engineers with more applications-oriented knowhow to apply the MTM-1 system in manufacturing engineering. Additionally the engineers are trained to apply MTM-1 to develop standardized methods and standardized time.

What Participants Will Learn

This training is made possible by incorporating an in-depth knowledge in Methods Engineering Principles with the MTM-1 Principles to explain in detail:

a) Why workplace area has to meet dimensional requirements
b) Why racking shelves need to be of a certain design & meet dimensional requirements
c) How bins & trays can meet the requirement for smooth continuous motions
d) How parts should be packed for ease of assembly
e) How tool racks should be designed for easy removal
f) How tools should be redesigned for ease of handling
g) How jigs, fixtures & templates should be designed to assist assembly work
h) How to simplify geometrical shapes of engaging parts
i) How to execute hand motion to achieve ease of assembly
j) How to use precision to reduce assembly time

Information on Enrollment

Interested parties can pre-register and a date will be fixed once a sufficient level of registration is obtained. There are no fee payment obligations for pre-registration. Fees will only be collected when the course is confirmed.

This course has been conducted over the past 25 years for thousands of multinationals in Asia.