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Accelerated MTM-2

For developing and evaluating work methods design


General Description

Many engineers, managers and supervisors do not know how to specify the methods of work used in the production process in accordance with the work sequence. Even more difficult is measuring the cycle time correctly for the purpose of evaluating the improvement potential of improved methods.

MTM-2 is the 2nd generation Methods Time Measurement technique that is designed to overcome the above-mentioned weaknesses. This course is specially designed for industrial executives who need to know MTM-2 sufficiently to perform methods evaluation without having to go through rigorous theory and film analysis exercises which are too time-consuming.

The objectives of this course in MTM-2 Techniques are:

1. To equip managers, engineers and supervisors with a good knowledge of MTM-2 in order to become conscious of methods and cycle time considerations in all improvement approaches.

2. To provide a measurement tool for evaluating methods change and compute the amount of time savings from the improved method of work.

3. To provide a means to measure and develop the Standard Cycle Time of a job in terms of unit time and quantity and establish the correct Standard Time for production target setting.

Detailed Description

This course develops the skill of managers, engineers and supervisors in the following areas:
– How to model human work
– The Gets function and methods of evaluation
– The Puts function and methods of evaluation
– The weight affecting part assembly and material handling
– Tool design and its effect on regrasping motion
– How to measure manual work and man-machine operations
– Apply Pressure and Force Application in part design and assembly
– Eye Action and Inspection of parts
– Foot and Step motions for sitting and standing operations
– Body displacement: Bend and outstretched distance
– Pushing trolley carts
– Development of MTM Basic Time
– Assignment of Rest and Fatigue Allowance
– Development of work standard
– How to set a production target

Information on Enrollment

Interested parties can pre-register and a date will be fixed once a sufficient level of registration is obtained. There are no fee payment obligations for pre-registration. Fees will only be collected when the course is confirmed.

This course has been conducted over the past 25 years for thousands of multinationals in Asia.