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Admin MOST®

for Service / Banking Industry


General Description

Admin MOST® is a powerful work assessment tool to evaluate the administrative workload of service and office personal performing non-repetitive as well as repetitive job. Admin MOST® develops the capability of the analysts in the service environment such as the banking, insurance, hypermarket, legal, property, engineering services industries etc. enabling them to measure and assess the service documentation workload arising from documentation change notice and activities connected to the service process.

Detailed Description

Using Admin MOST®, a new system of workflow as well as a redesign of the Job Contents of the office staff can be put into place. Admin MOST® can help to achieve a faster throughput in workflow as well as reducing the uneven work distribution in many office environments by contributing to staffing design, layout design, and bottleneck reduction and removing capacity constraints. Participants will learn:

1. How to develop the service process activity sequence
2. How to recognize activity parameters
3. How to compute the work segment time for skillful operators
4. How to assess performance level
5. How to establish service process standards
6. How to develop improved service standard for productivity performance

At the end of this course, candidates will sit for an international test to qualify as a Certified Admin MOST® Practitioner.

Information on Enrollment

The course is suitable for supervisors, managers and service improvement analysts who need to review their organizational methods for productivity improvement.