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Autonomous Maintenance


General Description

Autonomous Maintenance is essential for reducing machine breakdowns, minor stoppages and inefficiency losses arising from long setup change and ineffective deployment of manufacturing manpower. This course will equip the plant with an effective change methodology to restore manufacturing processes and equipment to their original performing condition. This program is an effective tool to achieve Zero Loss and Zero Defects on the production line.

Detailed Description

The training is structured on the Application and Practice in implementation of each of the 7 steps to Autonomous Control. Each step comes with customizable activity, transformation visibility and measurable results of Process Performance Indicators. The training includes how to transform the mindset of the operators from selling them the practice of Autonomous Maintenance to providing them with the training for each customized process and equipment, tool etc. Operators are imbued with the motivation that their contributions can make a difference to quality improvement and loss reduction and effectively help the company to reduce costs through maximization of resource performance. All documenttion, transformation activity and how to address the conditions of equipment of the process are treated in detail. In this way, the participants will be able to help in the effective implementation of Autonomous Maintenance.

Information on Enrollment

The course is suitable for all manufacturing personnel who are involved in Continuous Improvement and who know that changes in the organization must be made in the Real World environment for effective and sustainable change.