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Balanced Workflow Analysis


General Description

Balanced Workflow Analysis is a consulting application for companies who have undergone our Basic MOST or MTM certified training courses. This training provides the methodology on how to model the man-hour of production for a given Flow Quantity. The model has the functionality to provide for man-hour, man-machine ratio etc.

Detailed Description

The training provides the methodology for developing the Value Stream of the processes, development of man-hour operational standard and computation of man-hour based on the needed processes of the customers. The key input to Balance Workflow Analysis is the Cycle Time configuration of each of the Main Processes along the Value Stream workflow. This itself is an important task that requires a precise work measurement tool to develop the Cycle Time for each process. The model derived from Balanced Workflow Analysis will enable the company to:
a) Establish Man-Machine Ratio
b) Plan manpower headcount
c) Schedule workmen to man the processes on the shopfloor
d) Compute Man-Hours for a stated capacity level
e) Model the capacity for Operational Method Change

Information on Enrollment

This training is suitable for engineers and supervisors who are constantly faced with the need for rebalancing the man-machine ratio in their workplace.