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Basic MOST® Work Measurement

For Service Administration


General Description

MOST® (Maynard Operation Sequence Technique) is a breakthrough work measurement technique that allows a greater variety of work (both repetitive and non-repetitive) for manufacturing, engineering to administrative service activities to be measured quickly with ease and accuracy.

Detailed Description

Basic MOST® Work Measurement enables today’s engineers and analysts to expose wastes and unproductive methods of work quickly and rectify problems at the workplace as they arise at the design stage. A brief description of what Basic MOST® can do for your organization includes: accurate work standard, capacity analysis and manpower planning, workplace design and job activity analysis for re-organization and allocation for work balancing, cost estimating for existing and new processes etc. With Basic MOST® training, the engineers and analysts will become more productive. They will spend less on data collection and will be able to transform the work processes for improvements in a much shorter time. In this way, cost improvements can be made early rather than allowing costly processes to run without making efforts for improvement.

Certified Basic-MOST® for Service & Administration is geared towards the office, warehousing and store operations.

Participants will learn about:

1) Material Handling
2) Parts, Material and Document Handling
3) Office Equipment Warehousing Operations
4) Data Collection Equipment
5) Sorting and Packing Activities
6) Data Recording Devices
7) Reading Devices
8) Printing Devices
9) Filing Operations
10) Computer Use and Mouse Applications
11) and all kinds of tools for cutting, fastening, loosening, tightening, measuring, cleaning, etc.

Accenture Certification:
This Certification Training is conducted under the certification scheme of Accenture LLP of USA. Successful candidates in applying Basic-MOST® for Service and Adminimstration will be awarded the Accenture Blue Card License and Certification.

APRC is the authorized distributor of MOST® System of Work Measurement in Asia.


Information on Enrollment

This course is ideal for analysts, managers, engineers and supervisors who are responsible for or will be involved in: Value Adding Analysis, Production Job Standards, Methods Improvement, Set-Up Time Reduction, Cycle Time Reduction, Manpower Analysis & Planning, Job Cost & Estimating, Capacity Management and Contribution & Profit Analysis.