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Cell Line Design


General Description

Cell Line Design helps companies convert their long production assembly lines to short cell lines. The practical training includes work measurement based on Direct Time Study, MTM and Basic MOST system. Many industrial engineering and Lean tools are also included to provide the practitioners with the right approach when considering the establishment of Cell Lines to meet today’s demand for Lean Workflow.

Detailed Description

The training includes the development of Pitch Time for each work station as accurately as possible based on the right sequence and operational methods as well as the balancing methods to be employed for the processes. This entails the need, where appropriate, to relocate material and workmen within the cell. The design elements include: Layout Design, Workplace Design, Operational Method Design, Pitch Time Configuration, Operators’ Balancing Method, Unit Flow Quantity, One-Piece Flow, Pallet Design, Process Design, Process Efficiency, Pull Method, Kanban Unit, Visual Control etc.

Information on Enrollment

The training is suitable for managers, engineers and supervisors who need the knowledge on how to design cell lines for achieving flexible production and low cost of production.