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Certified Lean Expert


General Description

The Certified Lean Expert/Specialist is someone trained to understand how to analyze the workflow of the Value Stream and develop internal capability and resources to achieve non-constraining continuous flow. He is also trained in Kaizen know-how to develop effective Kaizen solutions in all changeover and operational activities of work processes in the production area.

Detailed Description

The Lean Expert performs the role of implementation specialist across all departments in the organization and offers his services to assist all departments in achieving their Lean targets and objectives.

Topics Include:
1. Understand The Cycle Time Configuration Of The Process Flow
2. How To Develop The Current Value Stream Using In-Plant Process Data
3. How To Examine The Value Stream For Process Improvement
4. How To Design Production Line For Continuous Flow
5. How To Reduce Delivery Lead Time
6. How To Apply The 20 Rules To Lean Kaizen
7. How To Apply Daily Management Kaizen
8. How To Design Checklists For Workplace Organization
9. How To Reduce Setup Activities
10. How To Conduct A Kaizen Study For Setup Reduction
11. How To Implement Process Mastering For Workforce Training
12. The 5 Paths To Mistake-Proofing
13. The 6 Best Poka-Yokes
14. The Setting Function And Regulatory Function
15. How To Apply Mistake-Proofing At The Workplace

Information on Enrollment

This training is designed for managers, engineers and production supervisors who are charged with the responsibility of introducing Lean Best Practices at the work area. The knowledge and practical applications learnt will help the organization implement Lean solutions over a period of 6 to 12 months.