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Certified Lean Leader


General Description

Certified Lean Leader training is designed to develop the capability of Supervisors, Engineers and Lean Leaders to supervise, plan and introduce Lean production system in manufacturing as well as in the service areas.

Detailed Description

The candidates will learn how to develop the value stream, establish the process parameters, develop one-piece flow cycle time, compute setup time and establish the overall cycle time for each of the processes. The participants will also learn how to identify constraining processes and how to remove them. Included in the training are important topics on:

a) Kanban size
b) Flow frequency
c) Signalling system
d) Heijunka scheduling method
e) First-piece cycle time
f) Subsequent-piece throughput time
g) Pace setting time
h) Supermarket system
i) How to design a WIP control system at the supermarket
j) Single unit flow
k) Multiple unit flow
l) Layout design for flexible work balancing

Information on Enrollment

This training is designed for supervisors, engineers, Lean leaders and managers who are responsible for designing and implementing Lean production / service lines.