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Certified Lean Manager


General Description

In this Certified Lean Manager training, you will be trained on Assessing Your Value Stream Performance & How To Reduce The Delivery Cycle Time.

Detailed Description

You will re-configure the man-machine operational methods. You will be able to map the whole plant Value Stream Map. In each area, we will show you How To Remove All The Unnecessary Cycle Time Inefficiency using our World Class AEP Cycle Time Reduction Methodology. We teach you step-by-step how to implement Lean Workflow Layout. Finally, you will learn HOW TO MAKE THE CHANGE for managing your Process Workflow toward Lean Objective or One-Piece Flow.

Information on Enrollment

All manufacturing personnel who are charged with the responsibility for ensuring lean implementation success should attend this course. The course is also suitable for directors, operating managers, engineers who are involved in value stream improvement activities. Those Black Belts and Green Belts who need to learn about lean implementation approach should also attend.