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Certified Lean Master


General Description

The Certified Lean Master level is an advanced Lean training taking the Lean subject into greater depth than that of the Lean Expert Level. As such, even Lean Experts must undergo this training.

The Lean Master is usually a manager or a senior level manager who is in charge of Lean Projects company-wide. In the capacity of Lean Master, they will be able to seek improvement in the Lean workflow in different factories and streamline the workflow not only for stable production but also for small lot, high mix situations.

Detailed Description

The Lean Master will be the master planner who will be able to establish the total information needs of the enterprise, deploy technology for proper tracking of Kanban lot, and develop a material transfer technology to achieve small quantity continuous flow. The Certified Lean Master will have all the Lean Design knowhow to implement Kanban workflow which requires many areas of knowledge domains covering:

1. Lean Organization Setup And Deployment Process
2. Lean Design Application For Moving Material Flow Upstream
3. How To Match Upstream Workflow Cycle Time To Downstream Takt Cycle Time
4. How To Correctly Compute The Retention Downtime Of Value Stream Maps
5. Master Pull Design Mechanism – Sequential Pull, Mixed Pull, Inventory Stock Requirements, Storage And Picking Control
6. How To Design Picking And Replenishment Route For Production Cells
7. Supermarket Location And Part Holding Capacity
8. How To Apply Andon To Control The Flow Of Kanban According To Signal Pull
9. Kanban Information Required For Production Scheduling
10. How To Control The Flow Of Kanban Cards, Locating Kanbans And Tracking Kanbans
11. The 6-Phases Of Lean Implementation
12. How To Design Jidoka Solutions With Poka Yoke And Visual Control Solutions
13. How To Measure Value Stream Losses From Equipment And Operational Problems
14. The Value Stream Cycle Time Configuration Method To Measure Delivery Cycle Time Correctly
15. How To Implement Lean Autonomous Control For Operators
16. Lean Applications In Warehousing – Ease Of Material Identification, Ease Of Retrieval, Milk Run Delivery, Storage Method
17. How To Calculate Manpower For Put Away And Picking Activities In The Warehouse
18. How To Apply Lean In The Supply Chain
19. How To Calculate Demand Through Lead Time, Safety Stock, And Buffer Stock
20. How To Manage Single Supply Kanban And Multiple Supply Kanban

Information on Enrollment

This training is designed for Certified Lean Expert / Specialist who were trained and certified earlier or who can show proof of attendance to another similar Lean course conducted at the Expert / Specialist level. Completion of this training will provide the in-depth Lean knowhow and practical application for the Lean Master to introduce all aspects of Lean solutions in the organization.