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Direct Time Study (Complete)


General Description

Direct Time Study is essential for setting process time standards for production planning and control.

Detailed Description

This training is particularly useful to all manufacturing facilities with assembly operations as well as engineering servicing facilities where repair and maintenance work are carried out. The training includes the British Standard for Direct Time Study and covers all aspects of technical terminology on workload measurement. All aspects of cycle time, covering all types of human and machine activities are explained in detail.

Most importantly, the training covers the many Tempo-Rating Scales that are used to develop the current Basic Time at the right rated pace level. Participants in the training will conduct many types of rating practices on different work environments as well as develop their observation skill in breaking down the work elements for the purpose of work measurement. Participants will also conduct a real Time Study on the shopfloor as part of the in-plant training for collecting time study data for making process improvement and the development of work standards.

Information on Enrollment

This training is designed for line leaders, supervisors, engineers and managers who need work standards for planning, layout design, work improvement and establishment of manpower loading and plant capacity management.