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Equipment Performance Management

Improve equipment performance through OEE & OPE Measurement and AEP Setup Reduction


General Description

Failure to manage equipment performance is the main cause of lost capacity of as much as 30% to 40%. This is a serious matter that can lead to a loss of competitiveness in view of the low cost producers that are capturing the bulk of the market share. The traditional measures of downtime, consisting mainly of breakdown and setup times are inadequate to address the issue of how to properly manage today’s high speed equipment.

What The Participants Learn

– Overall Equipment Effectiveness

– Overall Productive Effectiveness

– Man-Machine Ratio





– Setup Time

– Planned Downtime

– Man-Machine Cycle Time

– Outside Work & Inside Work

– Unassigned Time of Machine

– Yield Level

– Machine Standard Running Speed

– Number of Machines Per Operator

– Continuous Flow Machine

– Batch Operation Machine

– Single Part Machine Operation

– Multiple Part Machine Operation

– Number of Testing Cavities Per Machine

– Parallel Operations During Machine Cycle Time

The instructor will illustrate with cases and examples on how equipment performance should be best managed for improvement. The key highlight of the training course is how to conduct a Kaizen Equipment Study for setup time reduction using Kaizen Waste Analysis Technique.

Information on Enrollment

This training is suitable for managers, engineers, supervisors and analysts who are involved in designing, measuring and tracking the operational performance of manufacturing and service operations.