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Failure Mode Effect Analysis

failure analysis to strengthen current control


General Description

FMEA is a structured procedure for identifying and preventing as many potential failure modes as possible. A failure mode is any design flaw, out-of-spec condition, or change in a product which prevents it from functioning properly. E.g. leak, fracture, short circuit, misalignment etc.

Detailed Description

By eliminating failure modes, FMEA improves the reliability of the product. Reliability is the probability that a product will perform its designated function without failure under given conditions in a given period of time. Reliability, consistency and predictability play a major role in the world of quality. This training is designed to show the participants how one can use the FMEA to help identify the activities that are potential risks in the introduction of a new product, process or service. In addition, this training is designed to help eliminate problems from current designs, processes or services. Finally, the FMEA methodology will be explained and demonstrated.

Information on Enrollment

The FMEA training program is designed primarily for individuals involved in the design, development, testing, production and servicing of new or existing products. This would include: Reliability Engineers, Manufacturing Engineers, Quality Control Engineers, Sales and Marketing Executives, Design Engineers, Purchasing Executives, Customer Service Officers, Technical Support Officers.