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Focused Improvement Activity


General Description

The main objective of Focused Improvement Activity is to develop the capability of participants to assess improvement opportunities in their own organizations and take the appropriate actions for making step-by-step improvement. This training is customizable for different types of manufacturing activities, service operations and office-based operations.

Detailed Description

Depending on the operational methods employed, every organization is engaged in the production of goods and services. There are numerous areas in an organization where constraints, bottlenecks, failures and losses are occuring all the time. Participants will learn:

– How we can select the right area for making improvement with the limited resources available.
– What can be done to make changes that will result in a significant gain in productivity and quality.
– How the workforce resource can be aligned to the new ways which often encounter much resistance.

Information on Enrollment

All heads of department, administrators, managers, engineers and supervisors will benefit by having a good understanding of the systematic approach to implement improvement change.