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IE Training for Supervisors


General Description

Industrial Training (IE) knowhow is essential in implementing the change initiatives required for Lean, Pull System, Continuous Improvement, Setup Reduction, TPM, Kanban System, One-Piece-Flow etc. This training aims to equip supervisors to make changes that will work for the organization.

Detailed Description

The course curriculum is practical and has many manufacturing applications for Kaizen, Standardized Work, Cell Design, Line Design, One-Piece Flow, Layout Design and establishment of manpower needs in Direct and Indirect area. Other important topics included are Designing Processes with the Right Pitch Time, Conducting the Direct Time Study, Developing the Optimal Operational Methods for Man-Machine OPertaions, Workflow Line Balance. Also included are Key Performance Indicators and how they are implemented for: a) Overall Operator Performance; b) Overall Equipment Performance; c) Overall Production Performance

Upon completion of the training supervisors will be able to develop efficient production line for all product types and order quantity.

Information on Enrollment

The training will meet the needs of all production supervisors, operational managers and manufacturing engineers also must possess the industrial engineering knowhow for managing production and productivity improvement.