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Incentive Performance Measurement


General Description

Incentive Payment Scheme is closely linked to Pay-for-Productivity for increase in output against a set benchmark standard. Establishing the benchmark standards are an important consideration for the success of the Incentive Performance Scheme. The main objective of this course is to offer senior manufacturing executives a system of developing their own Incentive Performance Scheme for their own plant.

Detailed Description

In the development of Benchmark Work Standard for an acceptable level of sustainable work performance throughout, the shift hours is the key first requirement for successful implementation. The participants will be provided with a good knowledge level of the different types of incentive schemes that are tied closely to Work Performance Level. Participants will also be trained on how to select Qualified Employees who are very likely to succeed in sharing the gains of the incentive scheme.

Information on Enrollment

Production managers, HR managers, executives, analysts, engineers and supervisors will find the training useful to help their organization develop an appropriate incentive scheme.