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Kanban Pull System


General Description

In all aspects of Lean implementation, one of the Lean tools that stands prominently as an important pillar is the Kanban Pull System. While the concept of Pull is practical, it nevertheless requires total integration with other systems.

Detailed Description

Kanban Pull System is needed to provide a Total Integration approach with:
1) Communication signalling system
2) Re-order level
3) Visibility control
4) Consumption quantity
5) Material packing size
6) Flow quantity
7) Material handling mode
8) Triggering the pull
9) Kanban layout
10) Assembly’s Bill of Material
11) Cycle Time and Delivery Time
12) Final assembly line operational method

Participants need to build up their understanding of all the separate modular systems that are required to make Kanban Pull System a success. They will be involved in classwork that requires them to design their own Kanban System for in-house implementation.

Information on Enrollment

This course is suitable for organizations who are in the process of implementing Lean Workflow. All Lean team leaders and members from every department of the plant will need to undergo this training.