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Lean Value Stream Mapping


General Description

Value Stream Mapping is a visual map of the process flow to reveal current as well as future reality of the process in terms of Delivery Cycle Time, Flow Quantity and other process parameters affecting the workflow along the value stream. Value Stream Mapping provides a helicopter view of the whole manufacturing operation for developing an alternative improved workflow solution.

Detailed Description

Participants will learn how to:
a) Map their own current value stream as well as the process parameters and how they affect the workflow cycle time.
b) Develop the best way to improve the material flow, information flow, assembly flow, and man flow using Lean techniques.
c) Set Lean Cycle Time as a benchmark for all given quantity of production.
d) Implement Kanban pull system and customize the design of their own Heijunka Scheduling Board together with the use of supermarket system to guarantee supply of material.

Information on Enrollment

All managers, engineers, supervisors and executives who are involved in implementing Lean solutions for their company operations.