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Maxi-MOST® Work Measurement


General Description

The measurement of work in an environment where many diverse jobs occur concurrently in a non-repetitive fashion requires a different approach to work measurement.

The variation of methods applied in the long cycle environment is not due to poor method, but reflect on the needs for a more definitive way to measure work, without being disadvantaged by the method description details when variations are prevalent in the work method. Therefore it is necessary to develop a new approach, where measurement of the work done permits the variations to occur in the other non-repetitive work parameters. This leads to the development of Maxi-MOST® System that has a Balance Time of about 20 minutes and yet yield an Accuracy of 5% at 95% Confidence Level.

Detailed Description

MOST® For Long Cycle Environment

Because the Cycle Time is necessary long of 20 minutes and more and the work is of non-repetitive nature such as :

a) Operator-Manning Plant Operation
b) Mixing Machine Operation
c) Material Handling Including Tooling & Parts
d) System Unit Assembly
e) Shipyard Construction Activities
f) Construction of Building Activities
g) Engineering Workshop Activities
h) Equipment Run Operation Activities
i) Welding Work
j) Engineering Maintenance
k) Utility Facility Operations
l) Assembly of Aircraft
m) Servicing of Vehicle Parts
n) Machine Set-up Operations
o) Installation of Large Equipment to Work Sites
p) Assembly of Machine
q) Movement & Placement of Material at Construction Sites
r) Heavy Lifting Operations
s) Vehicle Transportation

For the above industrial operations, work completion time can be accurately measured even though their Cycle Time is less than 20 minutes as long as there are variability of the work from cycle to cycle.


How Does Maxi-MOST® Work?

Maxi-MOST® design is based on Statistical and Technical Simplification of the Basic-MOST® System. While the application know-how can be useful to the Maxi-MOST® applicator, it is not a demand for the participants to acquire the Basic-MOST® know-how first. Just like the learning of MTM-2 without the need to know MTM-1. Maxi-MOST® is standalone system for those who undergo proper training for certification from a Certified Instructor. However, for the serious applicator knowledge of Basic-MOST® will be an asset.

Information on Enrollment

This course is designed specifically for Plant Executives and Engineers that are involved in Productivity & Efficiency design of their plant operations in workplace layout design, operation manning, and setting standard man-hours for all types of direct and indirect work in the plant.