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MTM-1 Base

for developing a basic foundation in principle for methods improvement & work design


General Description

MTM-1 Base principles and practices are developed as a pre-requisite requirement for those intending to take the MTM-2 certified training course without the full MTM-1 course. It is intended to cover all the Basic Motions of MTM-1 to provide the participants with a good foundation of the motion economy for workplace design and tool design and evaluate method design improvement.

This requirement is set by the IMD (International MTM Directorate) to ensure that all MTM-2 candidates have a good strong foundation in motion design & economy of workplace improvement. Certified MTM-1 Base training can also be taken as a standalone course for those who wish to master the MTM workplace design principles without the need for going through the full MTM-1 training course which provides the full training on work standard development.

Detailed Description

In Certified MTM-1 Base training the participants will learn all about MTM workplace design principles and assembly methods that are very essential for developing improved solutions for manufacturing.

The objectives of MTM-1 Base are:
1. To provide the essential foundation for MTM-1 Motion Economy for Design and Workplace Improvement.
2. To strengthen the knowledge base of participants in the application of the MTM System for special application of methods design and work simplification.
3. Methods change to evaluate improvement in cycle time.
4. To provide a basic understanding of the basic MTM-1 Motions that are used in the construction of MTM-2 Data.

Module 1 MTM-1 Base Work Analysis Fundamental
Module 2 MTM Analysis For Work Design Applications (I)

Module 3 MTM Analysis For Work Design Applications (II)
Module 4 MTM Body Motion Application And Design Principles

Module 5 Combined Motion, Simultaneous Motion, Body and Hand Motion Analysis
Module 6 Part Placement, Inspection and Machine Process Time

Module 7 Application to Tools, Equipment and Material Handling
Module 8 MTM-1 Certified IMD Examination (International Certification)

Information on Enrollment

All personnel who are directly involved in developing standards for both service and manufacturing areas. It is also suitable to process/manufacturing engineers and analysts who are entrusted with the responsibility for industrial engineering, processes and continuous improvement and product pricing and manpower control.