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MTM-2 Work Measurement


General Description

MTM stands for Methods-Time-Measurement. MTM-2 is the second system developed to simplify the original MTM-1 system. It is the next generation tool that will be used for improving ergonomics and manpower control.

Detailed Description

MTM-2 provides a method of translating the work activities into detailed motion sequences. This allows the engineer/analyst to describe specifically the method orientation, the ways the parts are assembled and how the tools should be used to complete the sub-process activity. This detailed analysis of methods often leads to better work methods for time reduction and quality processes. MTM-2 will also provide the time required for each corresponding method employed, thereby providing the necessary information and quantifying the steps taken for process changes and allowing for cost control to be engineered at every process operation and determining which part of the work could be performed best by low cost automation.

1. MTM and First Quality Principle
2. MTM Application In Manufacturing Engineering
3. 40 Basic Elements of Assembly Work Processes
4. MTM-2 Fast Start Analysis
5. MTM Basic Practice for Developing Simplified Methods

6. Review of Day 1 Homework on MTM Theory & Practical Assignment
7. Complete Assembly Analysis Modelling
8. In-Plant Assembly / Video Film Analysis
9. Weight Force and Resistance Category
10. Apply Pressure Category
11. MTM Practical Analysis / Video Film Analysis

12. Review of Day 2 Homework on MTM Theory & Practical Assignment
13. Regrasps and Part Design Affecting Assembly
14. Eye Focus and Eye Travel
15. Theory of Simultaneous Motions
16. Body Motion Categories
17. In-Plant Assembly / Video Film Analysis

18. Review of Day 3 Homework on MTM Theory & Practical Assignment
19. Crank Motion
20. Methods Simplification Analysis
21. MTM Improvement Project Assignment
22. MTM Project Presentation By Team

23. Review of Day 4 Homework on MTM Theory & Practical Assignment
24. Standard Work Value Development
25. Process Time Elements
26. Rating Scale & Performance
27. Theory Briefing By Instructor / Theory Examination / Practical Briefing By Instructor / Practical Examination

Information on Enrollment

All personnel who are directly involved in developing standards for both service and manufacturing areas should attend this course. It is also suitable for process/manufacturing engineers and analysts who are entrusted with the responsibility for industrial engineering, process redesign and work redesign. Jigs and Tooling designers and product equipment designers will find this course value-add to their know-how.