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New Product Line Design


General Description

New Product Line Design is useful for advanced manufacturing engineering personnel to establish the process flow for new product in accordance with Lean technological advancement. Failure to consider this Lean aspect will lead to high hidden cost built into ineffective production lines.

Detailed Description

The training will focus on the basic industrial engineering principles for effective line design including (as needed):
a) Process flow
b) Information flow
c) Material flow
d) Man flow
e) Equipment movement
f) Cycle time configuration
g) Multiple operation
h) Job redesign
i) Batch flow to single unit flow
j) Pitch time vs Takt time
k) Operational method
l) Cell line vs long assembly line
m) Material handling
n) Kanban feeding
o) Machine ergonomics
p) Workplace layout
q) Man-machine balance
r) Hazardous material handling
s) Safety issue
t) Reliability interference
u) Environmental contamination

Information on Enrollment

This training is suitable for manufacturing engineering, facilities engineering, advanced manufacturing and production engineering personnel.