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One-Piece-Flow Line Design


General Description

This training is designed for manufacturing with modular system units and sub-processes that are quantifiable by number of process steps and operational processes that are quantifiable to a large extent. A flexible operational environment is required for one-piece-flow to succeed in most difficult-to-balance, uneven processes.

Detailed Description

The concept of Pitch Time development with flexible job redesign is an important factor in one-piece-flow. When this is applied as a conditional requirement with line layout, regardless whether it is a cell or stright flow line, one-piece-flow will deliver better results than the traditional batch flow. Its main advantage over batch flow is reduced WIP inventory and shorter delivery. However, many companies are not able to take advantage of this potential due to lack of industrial engineering knowhow to reengineer Lean.

This training is customizable for all types of production or service processes to learn all about the Lean One-Piece-Flow method.

Information on Enrollment

This training is for managers, engineers, supervisors and operational executives who need to know how to implement Lean One-Piece-Flow.