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Planned Maintenance


General Description

Planned Maintenance is the way to manage production equipment in a planned and pro-active manner, to identify and reduce hidden defects and to ensure that basic equipment conditions are maintained with tools and autonomous maintenance activities that lead to dramatic reduction in equipment losses and yield both short and long term increase in equipment performance.

Detailed Description

Cost effective maintenance planning is necessary to overcome the technical weaknesses that frequently lead to chronic equipment breakdowns. This course will guide the participants through the various aspects of implementing a planned maintenance system, which includes: adopting a maintenance philosophy, setting up the appropriate structures to support the effort, gaining support for operator-centred maintenance, application of maintenance diagnostics, developing a maintenance control system, understanding chronic and sporadic losses and how to prevent them, and using basic statistical techniques to conduct reliability studies for maintenance management etc.

Information on Enrollment

This course is recommended for Managers, Supervisors, Engineers and members of the technical staff who are responsible for improving the maintenance system by planning and applying new and innovative techniques.