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Plant-Wide Job Evalutaion


General Description

When an organization grows in size with many classes of work skills and functional responsibility, a fair wage scheme has to be transparently available for all employees. This scheme has to provide for a fair evaluation of all jobs based on selected Job Dimension and degree of skill and technical knowhow needed.

Detailed Description

Participants will learn:
A) What are the key dimensions of job evaluation for an organization requiring many types of technical skill and knowhow.
B) How many dimensions are required and to what degree of importance they play within the organization context.
C) How to develop the Rating Scale.
D) How to train job evaluation raters.
E) How to relate Job Grades to Rating Score bands.
F) How to compare benchmark job grades to comparable job grades of other functions.
G) How to evaluate other contributing factors such as environmental hazards, personal security and risks associated with the job function.

Information on Enrollment

All administrators, managers and executives in human resource functions and technical function heads should attend this training.