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PM Analysis for Equipment Maintenance

Learn The Steps To Solve Chronic Defects Of Process And Equipment


General Description

PM Analysis (known as Phenomena-Mechanism-Analysis) approach allows a problem to be seen in their true interacting elements. With these firmly established, the analyst will be able to proceed to identify what physical variations have been affected and what change effect takes place. In this way, the problem can be stated clearly in their true and specific from rather than the usual general expression of the problem from the conventional approach.

Detailed Description

PM Analysis is a tool for the technical personnel to develop a better understanding of the conditions, factors and the interacting elements of machining and processes. It provides a sound basis to conduct a physical analysis of a problem using logical and systematic approach. It is used in situation where the conventional problem solving approach is inadequate to deal with the technical issues of processing of production materials and operating principles of machine and mechanism.

Information on Enrollment

The course is ideally suited for all technical personnel, managers, engineers and executives who are involved in technical analysis of failures of equipment, process and products.