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Process Cycle Time Analysis


General Description

This training covers the essential knowhow for companies to establish reliable cycle time for many application uses such as Resource Capacity Analysis, Product Costing, Line Design, Value Stream Mapping, etc.

Detailed Description

All Process Cycle Time has to based on the optimal methods in use with respect to operational methods with the right tooling and equipment. There are many process parameters and their variables that must be factored in for calculation. Besides, it is necessary to be able to know what is to be the Standard Cycle Time considering both man and machine cycle running at the same time. How many machines is considered just right?

This training will cover all the differences in all production and service areas for development of Standard Cycle Time under optimal operating conditions. What if the optimal condition is less than desirable? How does this impact the performance? What is the limit on weight handling for male and female workers? If stopwatch is used for the prupose of cycle time analysis, what is the industry standard procedure for time study? These issues and more will be addressed during the training.

Information on Enrollment

All personnel who are involved in the use of work standard for capacity analysis, costing, manpower requirement study, and Kaizen study for continuous improvement.