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Product / Service Contribution Analysis


General Description

The training is of particular interest to all businesses involved in the production of goods and services. The purpose is to examine the profit contribution of each product unit or service unit to the organization. Companies making multiple product lines or providing many types of services will find this training useful to help them restructure their focus.

Detailed Description

With today’s increased cost of space, time, labour, material and service, coupled with international competition, profitability and contribution analysis can provide the strategic decision input to sales, marketing and operational functions to decide the best strategic approach for product / service re-engineering. The training is customized according to the product processes and service types to consider every important operational aspect of the business. This may include:
a) Machine time
b) Space occupied
c) Material process
d) Labour input
e) Maintenance
f) Engineering design input
g) Volume
h) Product life cycle
i) In-house capability
j) Overhead cost, etc.

Information on Enrollment

This training is important to the CEO, CFO, cost accountants, business unit owners, marketing managers, etc.