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Productivity Measurement


General Description

Productivity Measurement covers all aspects of performance measurement for production of goods and services. It covers employee performance measurement, process measurement, line output measurement, value stream measurement, machine loss measurement, service loss measurement and capacity measurement.

Detailed Description

The training is can be customized??to all types of operational processes for service, engineering, warehousing, production, retail, hospitality, etc.First, it is important to recognize the key value stream processes and establish their performance parameters etc. These data can be readily available through automatic data collection or derived from existing records. Existing source documents may be redesigned to capture the needed work and process inputs. Also included is the use of Objective Matrix method to consolidate many key performance indicators into one integral performance indicator (Index Value) to provide an overall indicator of the production climate of the selected area.

Information on Enrollment

All levels of the organization who require feedback on how well they are performing on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis.