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Project Planning Management


General Description

Project Planning Management is becoming an important aspect of any departmental function as long as resources (both internal and external) are part of the transitional progression toward a desirable outcome. Orderly progression on a timely basis is an integral part of work planning in today’s work execution.

Detailed Description

Topics to be covered in the training include:
a) Defining the scope of the project
b) Identifying the key milestones and the many sub-goals
c) Linking key milestones and sub-goals for progressive dependency outcome
d) What to link and what to de-link for consideration in Serial Flow and Parallel Flow
e) How to select earliest completion time and latest completion time
f) What is slack time, critical path, stretchable resource, cost crashing etc.
g) How to ensure conformance to target time
h) Use of planned resources, shared resources, combined task activity flow, time crashing, etc.

Information on Enrollment

This training is a must for all functional managers and executives who are involved in daily planning and execution of resources that have a time-sensitive outcome and cost level.