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Quality Function Deployment


General Description

Product quality and satisfaction of customers’ needs are very much in the forefront of every major organization. Quality function Deployment (QFD) is a means to translate the “Voice of the Customer” into design parameters that can be deployed horizontally through product planning, engineering, manufacturing, assembly and service. It is also a mechanism to identify conflicting design requirements to be optimized and critical quality characteristics to be controlled through operational procedures.

Detailed Description

Steps in QFD identify new quality technology and job functions necessary to carry out parameter design, which are clearly defined and assigned to particular individuals. For the company’s benefit, QFD also provides a historical reference to enhance future engineering technology and to reduce the frequency of design errors.


Results of QFD are measured based on a number of engineering changes during product development, time cycle to market, cost and quality. This two-day workshop will explain the methodology of QFD and will teach participants the techniques involved to optimize overall quality in their own corporate environment.  This course is suitable to all aspects of industrial environments which include manufacturing, engineering and services.


What You Will Learn

This course will provide a thorough understanding of the subject matter to engineers, technicians, and supervisors who are involved in setting up and conducting QFD case studies. This course includes the four building blocks of the QFD method:

– Customer requirements

– Design requirements

– Parts (component) characteristics

– Manufacturing (production) requirements


The course is focused on the House of Quality concept, which compares the customers’ requirements (needs) with quality characteristics and quality characteristics with each other (the roof of the house).


Approximately 40% of the time is dedicated to practical applications, feedback and class discussion.  Standard forms and typical critical risk rating values are also provided. Participants completing this course will be able to conduct QFD studies at their own company.



DAY 1: QFD Methodology and the House of Quality  

1. QFD in Six Sigma

2. Planning and Organizing a QFD Project

3. How to Build the House of Quality

4. QFD Applied Hands-On Study

5. QFD Workshop


DAY 2: Customer Requirements and Design Characteristics Evaluation

6. Four QFD Matrices

7. QFD and Quality Control Plan for Customer Requirements

8. How to Identify Conflicts in the House of Quality

9. Revisiting the QFD Methodology

10. What’s Next After QFD (General Discussion Only)



The teaching of Quality Function Deployment (QFD) requires a diverse understanding of other related disciplines of knowledge. Our Master Trainer understands the theory and practice of the topics listed below and has taught them to many large institutions and manufacturing enterprises:

a) House of Quality diverse matrices
b) How to specify customer requirements
c) How to specify technical features
d) Technological evolution of products
e) Value Engineering
f) Root Cause Analysis
g) Design of Experiments
h) Problem Solving Method
i) Conflict Contradiction Analysis
k) TRIZ Innovation Techniques




Information on Enrollment

This course is highly recommended for quality managers, product and design manufacturing engineers, quality engineers, quality inspectors and technicians, and professionals who are serious about improving their process / product through QFD.