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Root Cause Problem Solving


General Description

Root Cause analysis is an investigation approach to search for the core problem where one or several physical roots are hidden.

Detailed Description

Identification of the physical roots comprises of a series of steps involved in Root Cause Problem Solving. The intent of this course is to meet the need of industry for a thorough understanding of: How to apply root cause analysis to different type of problem; What are the mapping methodology and their related applications; How to find the root causes and eliminate them; How to generate the solutions for solving the core problem issue; How to quickly identify key determinant factors affecting the quality of a process; How to quickly identify the key determinant factors of a product design/service design to prevent recurrence.

Information on Enrollment

This course is applicable to all level of executives, from senior managers to executives. All functional executives from System, Engineering, production, Marketing, Purchasing and Human Resource can benefit from applying Root Cause Analysis in their work. Those who want a quick way to identify key determinant factors for DOE will also benefit.