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Six Sigma Black Belt


General Description

This is essentially an improvement initiative for organizations centering around quality and reliability with process data collection, measurement, statistical analysis, corrective action and implementation of control to prevent re-occurrence of failures.

Detailed Description

Topics covered in this training include the following:
a) Six Sigma organization
b) Role of Champion, Black Belt & Green Belt
c) Statistical measurement of Six Sigma performance
d) Basic statisitical methods, data presentation, measurement interpretation and establishment of control parameters and tolerance
e) Measurement of process capability
f) Reproducibility and Repeatability study
g) Control chart implementation
h) Scatter diagram and ISO-Plot
i) Design of experiments
k) Mistake-Proofing etc

The participants will be provided guidance on how to conduct a Quality Improvement study. Submission of Quality Improvement project after the training is a requirement for Black Belt Certification.

Information on Enrollment

This course is suitable for those who are appointed to drive improvements in the organization and who need a good grounding in statistical methods to quantify measurement for analysis and decision-making.